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home : national/world : new york times June 28, 2016

Economic Fears Rising, Britain Hopes to Stay in E.U. Market
Leaders on both sides of the “Brexit” debate signaled that they wanted continued access to the free-trade zone, though the European Union may have other ideas.... More >>

The Interpreter: How Britain Could Exit ‘Brexit’
The country has a few options for how it might remain in the European Union. Each carries significant risks — but, then again, so does leaving.... More >>

DealBook: ‘Brexit’ Doesn’t Mean Game Over, but It May Be Just the First Domino
Yes, Britain’s economy is likely to suffer in the near term, but the most dire effects of the country’s split from the E.U. may be felt on the Continent.... More >>

Order of Business for E.U. in Brussels? Weeds, Then ‘Brexit’
As leaders gather for the first time since Britain’s vote, regulatory minutiae will come first, illustrating why so many view the bloc as a meddling bureaucratic machine.... More >>

Asian Markets Move Toward Stability After ‘Brexit’ Turbulence
Japanese stocks were rising for a second straight day on Tuesday and the pound edged up from the three-decade low of Monday.... More >>

Pro-‘Brexit’ City of Sunderland Glad to Poke Establishment in the Eye
Sunderland, England, a former shipbuilding center with high unemployment, voted overwhelmingly for leaving the European Union, though the city benefited from the bloc.... More >>

As Migrants Face Abuse, Fear That ‘Brexit’ Has Given License to Xenophobia
Amid reports of attacks and graffiti aimed at Britain’s immigrants, human rights advocates and politicians expressed alarm that the vote had unleashed simmering hatred.... More >>

Volkswagen to Pay $14.7 Billion to Settle Diesel Claims in U.S.
The automaker, federal officials and lawyers for a half-million diesel owners have reached a deal meant to resolve a big piece of the emissions cheating scandal.... More >>

What the Volkswagen Settlement Could Mean for Car Owners
The company’s proposed deal includes an offer to buy back or fix faulty diesels — and either way, additional cash compensation of up to $10,000.... More >>

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions
Had the justices upheld the regulations, the number of abortion clinics in the state would have dropped to 10.... More >>

Abortion Ruling Could Create Waves of Legal Challenges
The Supreme Court required that regulations must be based on medical evidence that the rules can withstand judicial scrutiny.... More >>

Opinion Transforms Texas’ Abortion Landscape
The Supreme Court ruling on a restrictive Texas law allows 10 clinics to remain open, while giving abortion providers and advocates their biggest win in a three-year legal fight.... More >>

Reactions to the Supreme Court Ruling on Texas’ Abortion Law
The ruling struck down parts of a law that would have forced dozens of clinics to close.... More >>

Supreme Court Vacates Ex-Virginia Governor’s Graft Conviction
Bob McDonnell, a former governor of Virginia, did only routine favors in exchange for gifts from a businessman, the justices ruled in a closely watched corruption case.... More >>

Supreme Court Complicates Corruption Cases From New York to Illinois
Within moments of the court’s corruption ruling, defense lawyers were citing it as grounds to challenge past and pending cases brought by the Justice Department.... More >>

Seeking to Improve Ties With Russia, Turkey Apologizes for Downing Warplane
The same day Turkey announced a rapprochement with Israel, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed regret about the downing of a Russian warplane last year.... More >>

Diplomatic Deal With Turkey Upsets Israelis Wary of Conceding Too Much
Israel will pay $20 million to families of activists killed during an Israeli raid and will allow aid to enter Gaza, but the bodies of two Israeli soldiers will not be returned.... More >>

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Take Aim at Donald Trump
Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts campaigned with Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati, the first event that featured the two Democrats together.... More >>

Donald Trump Hires Former Adviser to Ted Cruz
Jason Miller will oversee interactions with the news media, a significant move as Mr. Trump shifts toward a more traditional campaign structure.... More >>

No Speaking Slots? Ted Cruz and John Kasich Brush Off Trump’s Threat
The two former primary rivals to Donald Trump said they did not care if he excluded them from speaking at the Republican convention, which he vowed to do unless they endorsed him.... More >>

Your Daily Mini Crossword
Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.... More >>

Well: The Connections Between Spanking and Aggression
In a study, children who were spanked were more likely to show disruptive, aggressive behaviors later on — and to be spanked more in the future.... More >>

Tech Tip: Limiting Your Facebook Audience
If you do not want the world to see what you post on your timeline page, use the site’s settings to keep your thoughts out of public view.... More >>

Murder in the 4-0: An Enduring Heroin Market Shapes an Enforcer’s Rise and Fall
Tit-for-tat killings between rival crews preceded the death of Francisco Perez, whose life on a South Bronx drug corner spanned nearly three decades.... More >>

Spain’s Vote Deals Setback to Podemos, a Rising Protest Party
The radical left-wing party fell short of expectations in Sunday’s election as the Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy won the most votes.... More >>

Sports of The Times: Atop the Gymnastics World, Simone Biles Can’t Suppress Her Grin
Marveling at Biles’s happy-go-lucky attitude could be its own Olympic sport after she won her fourth consecutive United States title in the all-around on Sunday.... More >>

European Championships | Iceland 2, England 1: Upset Loss to Iceland Has England Gnashing Its Teeth
Iceland, a country of about 300,000 people, beat England, 2-1, in the round of 16 at the European Championships.... More >>

For the Second Year, Rents in Some Stabilized Apartments in New York City Will Not Increase
The Rent Guidelines Board also voted to raise rents by 2 percent on two-year leases. The decision mirrored previous increases under Mayor Bill de Blasio.... More >>

Ex-Indiana University Student Accused of Rape Avoids Prison in Plea Deal
John P. Enochs, 22, accepted a plea deal dismissing both charges, with a year’s probation and no prison time.... More >>

Climate Change High on Agenda as Obama and Trudeau Meet for Summit
Leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada will announce a climate partnership, synchronizing their national policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions.... More >>

Edward Snowden Criticizes ‘Big Brother’ Measure in Russia
Mr. Snowden, who took refuge in Russia after leaking classified United States data, called a Russian bill an assault on free speech.... More >>

House Democrats Release Benghazi Report to Blunt Republican Inquiry
The Democrats’ findings cast the investigation by a Republican-led House committee as a politically motivated crusade that wasted time and money.... More >>

A Single Senator Stymies the Export-Import Bank
Senator Richard Shelby has held up the nomination of a board member of the bank, blocking $20 billion for American exports.... More >>

Michael Graves’s Residence, Rejected by Princeton, Set for Sale to Kean University
The architect’s home and two other properties are slated to be purchased by Kean University for $20.... More >>

Game of Thrones: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on ‘Game of Thrones,’ Cersei’s Madness and Possible Spinoffs
Mr. Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime, talks about how his character has evolved over the seasons.... More >>

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