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December 18, 2017

Republican Party, Atlanta Airport, Carolina Panthers: Your Monday Briefing
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.... More >>

California Today: California Today: Rallying Support for the G.O.P. Tax Plan
Monday: Kevin McCarthy, fires in Santa Barbara County, a new Bay Area housing problem, and did a high-end hotel protect its clients over its workers?... More >>

... More >>

You Want to Climb Mount Everest? Here’s What It Takes
Questions and answers about the world’s highest mountain, and the people who try to get to the top of it.... More >>

Without Climbing Everest, Chronicling a Solemn Descent
The vivid tale of how two bodies were retrieved from near the summit of Mount Everest required networking in India and training an impromptu photographer.... More >>

Image of Cooperation Between White House and Mueller Starts to Fracture
President Trump’s lawyers and supporters have significantly increased their attacks on the special counsel as the investigation has reached deeper into the president’s inner circle.... More >>

Feature: What (if Anything) Does Carter Page Know?
He has been wiretapped by the F.B.I. and grilled by congressional investigators over his suspected Russia connections. But the Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser can’t seem to stop talking.... More >>

Trump National Security Strategy Sees U.S. Confronting China and Russia
The strategy the president plans to outline Monday is at odds with his often-warm relations with the leaders of China and Russia.... More >>

A Tillerson Slip Offers a Peek Into Secret Planning on North Korea
Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson offered tantalizing details about how the United States would race inside North Korea to seize its nuclear weapons in the event of a collapse.... More >>

Jerusalem at Center of Diplomatic Face-Off at U.N. Security Council
Almost two weeks after President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Egypt drafted a resolution reiterating that the city’s status is to be resolved by Israel and the Palestinians.... More >>

E.P.A. Employees Spoke Out. Then Came Scrutiny of Their Email.
A Republican research group has requested the emails of E.P.A. employees critical of the agency. Now the E.P.A. has hired an affiliated company.... More >>

News Analysis: Champion of the ‘Little Guy’? Trump’s Actions Tell Another Story
Instead of tearing down the establishment, President Trump’s critics say, he has helped prop it up through the tax bill, the “net neutrality” reversal and other steps.... More >>

In One New Jersey Town, Pending Tax Changes Create Anxiety
Residents of Livingston, N.J., are worrying that the proposed changes in the Republicans’ tax bill will alter the suburban lifestyle they cherish.... More >>

For Hotel Workers, Weinstein Allegations Put a Spotlight on Harassment
Female employees at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, Harvey Weinstein’s de facto headquarters, say the hotel deferred to powerful customers ahead of their well-being.... More >>

Op-Ed Contributors: Warren and Sanders: Who Is Congress Really Serving?
The Republican tax bill is a travesty. But there‘s still plenty we can do to improve the daily lives of millions of Americans.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: Omarosa, Sacking of a Sellout
Few will mourn her departure, and now she’s on a warpath.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: A Tax Plan to Turbocharge Inequality, in 3 Charts
Tax cuts that mainly benefit the wealthy and spending cuts that mostly hit everyone else will only widen the gap.... More >>

Op-Ed Contributor: How Republicans Learned to Sell Tax Cuts for the Rich
The party’s tax strategy has roots in the populist tradition — but the G.O.P. uses it on behalf of the rich, not the poor.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: A War Trump Won
The defeat of the Islamic State is part of a surprisingly effective Middle East approach.... More >>

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Trump, the C.D.C. and the Peek-a-Boo Doctrine
The administration seems to believe that if researchers can’t say “transgender,” then transgender Americans don’t exist.... More >>

Editorial: Will New York Cut Off the Fuel for Corruption?
The City Council has hesitated to give a regulator the power that let it crack down mob garbage haulers.... More >>

Op-Ed Contributors: Actually, Egypt Is a Terrible Ally
The United States needs to face reality: Egypt is neither important nor helpful.... More >>

Opinion: Yes, It Happens in Sweden, #Too
The reckoning with a wave of sexual assault revelations has been particularly painful for a country that prides itself on gender equality.... More >>

Puerto Rico Orders Review and Recount of Hurricane Deaths
The governor acknowledged on Monday that the official toll of 64 deaths from Hurricane Maria might be too low, after independent analyses yielded far higher estimates.... More >>

Federal Judge Alex Kozinski Retires Abruptly After Sexual Harassment Allegations
Mr. Kozinski, an appeals court judge in California for 32 years, had been accused of misconduct by multiple women.... More >>

Mother and Three Children Killed in Brooklyn Fire
Ten others, including five firefighters, were injured when the fire tore through a home early Monday morning.... More >>

Atlanta’s Airport Has Power Again, but Many Passengers Are Stranded
Thousands of passengers worldwide were stuck or seeking new travel plans after a sustained power failure at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.... More >>

Honduran President Declared Winner, but O.A.S. Calls for New Election
The response from the O.A.S., arguing that the vote was riddled with irregularities, was likely to escalate the political crisis in Honduras.... More >>

Rebelling Republican Suburbs Offer Democrats Path to House Control
From Houston to Seattle, suburban districts once locked down by Republicans are looking to Democratic candidates to oppose President Trump.... More >>

Toronto Buzzes With Talk of Billionaire Couple’s Suspicious Death
Family and friends of the generic-drug mogul Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, say someone killed them and made it look like a murder-suicide.... More >>

For Russian ‘Trolls,’ Instagram’s Pictures Can Spread Wider Than Words
An anti-Islamic image created by a Kremlin-connected group has proved hard to kill, an indication of the challenge of monitoring social media for propaganda.... More >>

New York City Will Close or Merge 19 Schools, Most From Renewal Program
The schools in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature program get extra support and money, but a number have struggled to make progress. Some schools will graduate out.... More >>

The Best Art of 2017
Art critics of The New York Times share their picks for the best shows and experiences of the year, from daring performances to sculptures cast in chocolate.... More >>

5 Offbeat Communities: Micronationalists, Mildly Offensive Fiber Artists and More
What do our readers care about? Some like to construct characters and recreate imaginary worlds, while others like to crochet mildly offensive sayings onto a quilt.... More >>

Nonfiction: Millenniums of Tribulation
Simon Schama’s “Belonging: 1492-1900” recounts the history of a people who never seemed to belong anywhere.... More >>

Don’t Waste Your Time With Bad Resolutions. This Is How to Do Them Right.
Welcome to the latest edition of the Smarter Living newsletter.... More >>

The Workologist: The Trouble With Anonymous Feedback
Including critiques from unidentified colleagues into the annual performance review process can make that dreaded ritual even worse.... More >>

The Power of Touch, Especially for Men
Even in our touch-averse culture, men need platonic physical contact.... More >>

The Saturday Profile: 11 Powerful Women We Met Around the World in 2017
A warlord, a novelist, a diplomat, a centenarian and other exceptional women our overseas correspondents wrote about in 2017.... More >>

The Composer Who Owns Christmas
Choirs around the world sing John Rutter’s works, but their tuneful accessibility has kept him from a place in the pantheon of serious composers.... More >>

Voices: Learning to Accept (if Not Love) My Scar
More than three decades after my cancer surgery, I still hesitate when someone asks, “What’s up with your scar?”... More >>

Critic’s Notebook: How to Fall Under a Butoh-like Spell
Change is glacial in Kota Yamazaki’s “Darkness Odyssey Part 2: I or Hallucination”; Indah Walsh’s “homespun” is playful and benign.... More >>

Recovering What Was Lost in the U.S. Virgin Islands, One Boat at a Time
Back-to-back hurricanes destroyed hundreds of boats that were people’s livelihoods and even homes.... More >>

Reuniting With Boats in the Virgin Islands
The U.S. Coast Guard is working to retrieve boats that were displaced during Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Ralph Evey's vessel was rescued in a two-day process involving cranes and buoys.... More >>

The New Old Age: Some Older Smokers Turn to Vaping. That May Not Be a Bad Idea.
Tobacco use is hazardous at any age, but older smokers are particularly vulnerable to the health effects. More of them are exploring an alternative: e-cigarettes.... More >>

Trilobites: An Ancient Step Toward Modern Birds
Anchiornis was a feathered dinosaur, about the size of a pigeon and incapable of flight. Its wings say a lot about how birds came to be.... More >>

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