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December 13, 2017

Doug Jones, Kirsten Gillibrand, ‘Star Wars’: Your Wednesday Briefing
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.... More >>

New York Today: New York Today: Can the City Prevent Terror Attacks?
Wednesday: Foiling lone-wolf attacks, free admission at the National Museum of Mathematics, and are New Yorkers too jaded?... More >>

... More >>

Once a Long Shot, Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race
Doug Jones, a former prosecutor, defeated scandal-scarred Roy S. Moore for the Senate seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.... More >>

Key Takeaways From Doug Jones’s Alabama Victory
The defeat of Roy S. Moore, the Republican, in Alabama’s Senate election contains some worrying signs for the party as it heads into the 2018 midterms.... More >>

Republicans, Closing In on Final Tax Bill, Aim for a Vote Next Week
In a frenzy of last-minute negotiations, Republicans drew closer to a 21 percent corporate tax rate and a top individual rate of 37 percent.... More >>

Economic Scene: Tax Plan’s Biggest Cuts Could Be in Living Standards
Cutting taxes is mostly an exercise in slicing the economic pie a different way, not making it bigger, with gains for a few offset by losses for many.... More >>

‘Fake News,’ Trump’s Obsession, Is Now a Cudgel for Strongmen
Leaders who don’t like to be criticized or investigated have embraced the term. Scholars fear that it further erodes trust in democracy.... More >>

Text Messages in Hand, Republicans Plan to Accuse Justice Department of Bias
A chorus of Republicans, including some party mainstays, are questioning the impartiality of the Justice Department and F.B.I. to discredit the Trump investigation.... More >>

In Texts, F.B.I. Officials in Russia Inquiry Said Clinton ‘Just Has to Win’
Some messages criticized the Clinton team and the Obama administration, but the officials appeared appalled at some of Donald J. Trump’s comments during the campaign.... More >>

Trump’s Combative Denials Again Draw Him Into the Sexual Harassment Debate
In denying again the accusations against him and deriding Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the president ensured that the issue would gain added energy and prominence.... More >>

Ken Friedman, Power Restaurateur, Is Accused of Sexual Harassment
Ten female employees say they were sexually harassed by the owner of the Spotted Pig. Dozens described it as a toxic workplace fueled by fame and fear.... More >>

Sexual Harassment Cases Show the Ineffectiveness of Going to H.R.
Human resources departments face a quandary: protect the employees who bring complaints or the companies that employ them.... More >>

Newtown Is ‘Still So Raw,’ Five Years After Massacre
The country is often reminded of what grief looks like immediately after mass violence. But Newtown shows how mourning evolves and endures years later.... More >>

Editorial: Roy Moore Loses, Sanity Reigns
Doug Jones strikes a blow against Donald Trump and for morality in American politics.... More >>

Op-Ed Contributor: A G.O.P. Tragedy in Four Acts
Republicans embraced Trump, Moore and post-ethics politics. In defeat, they are officially post-shame.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: Thank Heaven for . . . Alabama?
If this deep-red state isn’t beyond redemption, then America isn’t, either.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: As Goes Moore, So Goes Trumpism
A defeat in Alabama should inspire a course correction in the White House — but it won’t.... More >>

Op-Ed Contributor: Trump and Bannon Can’t Save the Day
The president and the populist badly botched their attempt to put Roy Moore over the top.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: Alabama Says No to Trump’s Tribalism
This was a real sign of health.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: In Trump World, the Need for Disobedience
When immense power is in erratic hands, the readiness of subordinates to disobey becomes critical. Even a dog knows that.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: What Happens if the Tax Bill Is a Revenue Disaster?
Market response may be muted; the big impact may be political.... More >>

Editorial: Fox News v. Robert Mueller
The propaganda machine has kicked into high gear, and has a single goal: convincing President Trump to fire the special counsel.... More >>

Terror Suspects Become Ammunition in War Over Immigration
Two men accused of recent attacks in New York both came to the country through visa programs that the Trump administration wants to end.... More >>

Philippines Extends Martial Law in South for Another Year
President Rodrigo Duterte said continued military rule on the southern island of Mindanao was needed to ensure the “total eradication” of militancy there.... More >>

Disney’s Deal for 21st Century Fox Is Said to Be Close
The $60 billion-plus acquisition would give Disney control of most of Rupert Murdoch’s movie and TV empire, and give a serious boost to the company’s streaming ambitions.... More >>

Tillerson Says Embassy in Jerusalem Is at Least Three Years Away
On Tuesday, Rex W. Tillerson discussed the future of the embassy in a speech at the State Department and then took questions from department employees.... More >>

Pedophile Barred From Leaving Australia as Sex Tourism Law Takes Effect
A man convicted of child sex offenses was turned away from Sydney Airport on Wednesday as Australia’s “world first” sex tourism law came into effect.... More >>

The Fed and Interest Rates: What to Watch For Today
The Federal Reserve is expected to raise its benchmark interest rate by a quarter point, and to issue a new economic forecast.... More >>

Rising Coal Exports Give Short-Term Aid to an Ailing Industry
With supplies down elsewhere, American producers are seeing more demand overseas, lifting revenue and jobs. But the upturn may not last.... More >>

Belgium’s Lavish Energy Use Sheds Light on More Than Just Its Roads
The country keeps two million streetlights on overnight, generating profits for utilities and politicians at a cost for consumers and the environment.... More >>

She Said: The Conversation: Seven Women Discuss Work, Fairness, Sex and Ambition
Emily Bazelon moderates a round table with Anita Hill, Laura Kipnis, Lynn Povich, Soledad O’Brien, Amanda Hess and Danyel Smith to talk about how — or if — real change is possible.... More >>

State of the Art: How 2017 Became a Turning Point for Tech Giants
For the first time, big tech companies began to accept responsibility in 2017 for how their platforms affect the world. The scope of that change remains unclear.... More >>

On Soccer: This Premier League Player’s Position? Left Out
Fans think Stuart Taylor has it made: a Premier League salary and a job he is rarely asked to perform. But his long career as a third-choice goalkeeper isn’t the one he saw for himself.... More >>

Trilobites: Your Liver Doesn’t Know It’s the Holidays
Think of your liver as the unindulgent relative at your holiday party who doesn’t like the change in schedule and would rather be in bed.... More >>

Why You Need the Flu Shot Every Year
You probably know you need a flu shot every flu season, but here’s why — and why it’s so important.... More >>

The Pour: Five Wine Books to Give This Holiday Season
The top choices of this year’s wine books include an essential Champagne guide, an argument to organize wine by soil type and a thin volume of advice.... More >>

Phys Ed: How Exercise Can Make for Healthier Fat
A single session of exercise may change the molecular workings of fat tissue in ways that, over time, should improve metabolic health.... More >>

The Race to Erase Kevin Spacey
“I took action,” the director Ridley Scott said of his whirlwind reshoot of “All the Money in the World,” which featured Christopher Plummer in a role originally filmed by Mr. Spacey.... More >>

He Was a Snob About Musicals. Then He Tried Out to Play Hamilton.
Twenty-five-year-old Londoner Jamael Westman has definitely come around, now that he’s starring in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop smash.... More >>

Best of Late Night: Roy Moore’s Horse Ride Draws Late-Night Ridicule
Stephen Colbert and other late-night hosts made fun of the losing Alabama Senate candidate for riding a horse to the polls.... More >>

Retro Report: From 200 Years Ago, a Lesson About Mass Killings
Historians say violent behavior that gave rise to the phrase “run amok” — and then subsided — can teach us about mass killings today.... More >>

When a Sibling Dies, or Has a Serious Illness
Up to 8 percent of American children will experience the death of a sibling, but the loss is rarely discussed, and siblings are often overlooked.... More >>

How Much Food Do We Waste? Probably More Than You Think
Globally, we throw out about a third of all food. That matters a lot in the fight against hunger, but reducing waste could also help cut greenhouse gas emissions.... More >>

Destroyed in Tsunami, a Temple Is Reborn
Join residents of a Japanese village devastated by the 2011 tsunami as they celebrate the rebuilding of the 1,000-year-old Buddhist Kongoji Temple on higher ground.... More >>

Well : Can Smiling While Exercising Improve Performance?
Runners who smiled ran more economically than those who frowned.... More >>

Trilobites: Ticks Trapped in Amber Were Likely Sucking Dinosaur Blood
It is rare to find parasites with their hosts in the fossil record, and the discovery is the first direct evidence of the pests feeding on dinosaur blood.... More >>

Voices: Things I’ll Do Differently When I’m Old
Soon after my 50th birthday, I started keeping a list of “Things I will do/things I won’t do when I get old.” Ten years on, I’m still adding to it.... More >>

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican
Preserving my identity as a Christian conservative means turning away from two movements that have shaped my life.... More >>

Trump’s Way: Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation
With Twitter as his Excalibur, the president takes on his doubters, powered by long spells of cable news and a dozen Diet Cokes. But if Mr. Trump has yet to bend the presidency to his will, he is at least wrestling it to a draw.... More >>

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