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April 22, 2018

Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money
The E.P.A. chief is under scrutiny for high spending and interactions with lobbyists. Many of the pitfalls he has encountered in Washington have echoes in his past.... More >>

Scott Pruitt Met With Lobbyist Whose Wife Rented Him a $50-a-Night Condo
The disclosure contradicts earlier statements that lobbying by J. Steven Hart before the E.P.A. hadn’t occurred.... More >>

The Interpreter: Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match
False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media.... More >>

Is Facebook’s Campbell Brown a Force to Be Reckoned With? Or Is She Fake News?
As Facebook’s head of news partnerships, Ms. Brown, a former CNN and NBC anchor, is emerging as a surprisingly adept negotiator for her publishing vision at the social network.... More >>

News Analysis: What Does Kim Jong-un Want? U.S. Fears Answer Is ‘Give a Little, Gain a Lot’
In Washington, most officials and experts believe that the North Korean leader is determined to cement his country’s status as a nuclear state while escaping the chokehold of economic sanctions.... More >>

News Analysis: Will Kim Jong-un Trade His Nuclear Arsenal to Rebuild Economy?
North Korea’s leader has made economic growth the nation’s new top priority. But he appears intent on entering talks as an established nuclear power.... More >>

As Rod Rosenstein Battles to Protect Mueller, His Tactics Could Cost the Justice Dept.
Under siege by the president’s allies in the House, Mr. Rosenstein has acceded to some demands. But his allies worry that may expose the Justice Department to political meddling.... More >>

Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.
Roger Stone says Mr. Trump has long treated Mr. Cohen, his lawyer and fixer, “like garbage.” Now he could end up cooperating in a criminal investigation against Mr. Trump.... More >>

Trump Criticizes Times Report About His Longtime Lawyer
The report described President Trump’s years of poor treatment of the lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, and concerns that Mr. Cohen will cooperate with the federal officials who are investigating him.... More >>

Fearing Chaos, National Democrats Plunge Into Midterm Primary Fights
Democratic leaders are intervening aggressively in California, where the state’s unusual voting system could undercut their chances in crowded congressional races.... More >>

Mitt Romney Fails to Bypass Utah Primary for U.S. Senate
Fair-right delegates at the Republican Party’s state convention narrowly preferred Mike Kennedy, adding him to the ballot. Mr. Romney had already secured his spot by collecting signatures.... More >>

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads
Antonio Banderas, enough said. Meet Cuba’s new president. Say hello again to Janelle MonŠe. And give a listen to a our new podcast, “Caliphate.”... More >>

The Week in Good News: The Boston Marathon, Kendrick Lamar, a Honeybee Delivery
Sometimes it seems as if we’re living under a constant barrage of heavy news. But it isn’t all bad out there.... More >>

Exposures: The Real Cost of Cheap Shirts
Factory workers in Bangladesh toil for low wages and under precarious conditions to make clothing worn worldwide.... More >>

The Business Deals That Could Imperil Trump
Forget Stormy Daniels. The business records subpoenaed by Robert Mueller might be Donald Trump’s greatest legal headache.... More >>

A Problem Starbucks Can’t Train Away
White people who see black people through racism’s lens can often count on the police to share their outlook.... More >>

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Ask Roxane: I’m Outraged, but Failing at Activism. Why?
You aren’t indifferent to the current state of the world. You are human.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: Barbara Bush: Fake Pearls, Real Heart
With the blunt and plain-spoken and often funny Barbara Bush, you always knew where you stood.... More >>

Op-Ed Columnist: The Republicans’ Big Senate Mess
A convict in West Virginia, bondage in Missouri and a wacky contest for control of the chamber.... More >>

Sporting: Why Men Quit and Women Don’t
Despite awful weather at the Boston Marathon, women seemed to hold up better than men.... More >>

What Hospitals Can Teach the Police
Medical professionals know how to de-escalate volatile situations.... More >>

In Life, Money Talks
This weekend, some thoughts on the stuff that makes the world go ’round.... More >>

After Sylvester Stallone Call, Trump Considers ‘Full Pardon’ of Long-Dead Boxer
Once the televised funeral for Barbara Bush was over, President Trump notified Americans that he’d been on the phone with Rambo.... More >>

Verne Troyer, Mini-Me in Austin Powers Movies, Dies at 49
At 2 feet 8 inches, Mr. Troyer was a versatile actor who was widely recognizable from the movies he appeared in.... More >>

Neo-Nazi Rally Draws About Two Dozen People and Upends a Small Georgia City
The rally, which was held outside of Atlanta, was monitored by more than 700 law enforcement officers from 42 agencies.... More >>

Saudi Arabia Says Toy Drone Shot Down in Capital Riyadh
The state news agency says security forces shot down a toy drone flying in an unauthorized space on Saturday.... More >>

‘Overwhelmed’ Postal Carrier Hoarded 17,000 Pieces of Mail, Officials Say
The amount of undelivered mail investigators found was staggering: 10,000 pieces in his vehicle, 6,000 in his apartment and 1,000 in his work locker.... More >>

Barbara Bush Is Remembered at Her Funeral for Her Wit and Tough Love
Mourners from across the country, including four ex-presidents, gathered in Texas for the funeral of the former first lady.... More >>

Cubans Doubt a Change at the Top Will Bring Change at the Bottom
On the streets of Havana, the passing of power out of the hands of the Castro family was met with a collective sense of apathy.... More >>

With a Glance Backward, Brooks Brothers Looks to the Future
The reinvention of the 200-year-old American brand by its brash Italian owner, Claudio Del Vecchio, has meant staying true to its past.... More >>

Works in Progress: Dance Like the Principal Is Watching
At Ballet Tech, a Manhattan public school, students spend most of the year getting ready for the big show at the Joyce Theater in June.... More >>

Lens: At Home in the Jungle, Everything Is ‘Alive and Has a Spirit’
The photographer Misha Vallejo has been documenting a people who live in the Ecuadorean Amazon, the Sarayaku Kichwa, for three years.... More >>

She Won the Turner Prize. Now She’s Using Her Clout to Help Others.
Lubaina Himid is using her enhanced influence to make galleries that show her work reach out and involve black artists around them.... More >>

Explorer: At Basin and Range National Monument, Landscapes, Art and Aliens
The sprawling Nevada wilderness spared by the Trump administration offers desert vistas, petroglyphs and the celebrated “City” sculpture. Getting there really is part of the fun.... More >>

Want to Help Schools and Students? Here’s How to Start
After hearing from teachers with difficult conditions and inadequate supplies, many Times readers said they wanted to help, even if they had only a few dollars to spare.... More >>

Skin Deep: What Black Women Need to Know About Hair Loss
For many women who are now letting go of their wigs and weaves, hair loss is no small problem. There are ways to conceal it.... More >>

Playlist: The Playlist: Prince’s Own ‘Nothing Compares 2 U,’ and 12 More New Songs
Ariana Grande’s first new music since the Manchester attack, Taylor Swift on a Sugarland tune and the other tracks that caught our critics’ attention this week.... More >>

The Checkup: Reading Aloud to Young Children Has Benefits for Behavior and Attention
Reading aloud and playing imaginative games may help children deal with emotions like anger and sadness, researchers say.... More >>

Why You Should Hire a Financial Planner, Even if You’re Not Rich
Now that tax time has passed, give yourself a financial fresh start and get some help to make the right money moves for next year.... More >>

Museums Shake Things Up by Mixing Old and New
By placing old master paintings alongside contemporary art, curators hope to make us look at both differently.... More >>

Review: ‘Westworld’ Gets a Partial Upgrade for Season 2
The first season of this HBO robo-serial was more puzzle than story. The second one gets its head out of its own maze enough to develop a personality.... More >>

Romancing the Horn: Opera Stars Record Like It’s 1900
Listen and compare two Metropolitan Opera singers as they’re captured on both turn-of-the-20th-century wax cylinders and modern technology.... More >>

A Good Appetite: A Tart Solution for Sweet Crumb Cake
Each bite of this cake contains a burst of tangy grapefruit.... More >>

Ties: Nobody Tells You How Long a Marriage Is
You were establishing roots for a suburban life I would never be able to provide.... More >>

Trump Plan Would Cut Back Health Care Protections for Transgender People
Advocates said the change could jeopardize the significant gains that transgender people have seen in access to care, including treatments for which many insurers denied coverage in the past.... More >>

Friendship’s Dark Side: ‘We Need a Common Enemy’
Friendship generally is regarded as an unalloyed good. But scientists have found it also can be a conspiracy, a way to separate “us” from “them.”... More >>

Diagnosis: Why Wouldn’t the Lump Under the Patient’s Jaw Go Away?
And was it nothing — or something dangerous to worry about?... More >>

Trilobites: Diamonds in a Meteorite May Be a Lost Planet’s Fragments
The space rock crashed in a desert in Sudan in 2008, and the flaws in its embedded minerals are like nothing seen in today’s solar system.... More >>

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